About us

Strategus offers a long, professional experience and profound know how in the financial industry. As a former member of the senior management of Swiss Universal Bank, a Swiss Private Bank, a global Insurance Company in Germany and as Project Manager of the transformation of a Swiss Broker to an operative bank, the management combines strategic thinking with technical and operational expertise.

The active management of strategy projects, the operative In-/Outsourcing and the management of licenses projects are our key competences.

Our management is certified by the global Project Management Organisation (IPMA) and is highly qualified in the areas of lending, brokerage/trading, human resources, private banking, operations (payments, trade finance) as well as risk management and owns a network of contacts, which could be of benefit to you as well.

For Liechtenstein, we also offer our services through our company Strategus AG, Vaduz (www.strategus.li).